Digital Signage

Inform, Persuade and Engage audiences in ways that are memorable and effective using digital signage. Static logos and display boards are no longer enough. Digital signage provides a modern way to capture the attention of your patrons, clients or even employees. Digital Signage and Digital Menu boards are being adopted by businesses who need a dynamic and efficient way to communicate information and influence viewers in real time.

Today you will see digital signage in almost every commercial setting such as lobby areas, retail, healthcare, transportation centers and government facilities benefit from digital signage solutions. At Managed Controls we make Digital Signage affordable and easy for every business no matter how big or small.


Professional installation

It all starts with professional installation. Our team has experience installing and maintaining thousands of digital signs and menu boards for small business and some of the nation’s largest retailers.

Design & Content

We can help you with the design and content of your digital signs. From simple information to dynamic data driven elements that constantly update - we have an affordable solution.



Maintenance & Management

Keeping the signs running is not a problem with Managed Controls. Our team checks the health and operations of each of your screens to make sure you are up and running and getting the full benefit of your technology.

1 in 5 people made an unplanned purchase after seeing an ad via Digital Signage
— Source: SignStix