Video Surveillance

No matter if you are just starting to add a video security camera system your organization or if you have an existing system, Managed Controls can offer a integration services and expert maintenance at any of your locations.


The right cameras matter.

Different exteriors, different interiors, different customer flows, different lighting, different everything - this is the reality of your business locations. We get it. That’s why we go to painstaking links to make sure you have the right camera for the right location. We know how to evaluate the right lens, the right mounting height and type, the right resolution, and also how to configure all of the software based settings that make each image be the best it can be.

Video Analytics (VCA)

If you don’t know about video analytics, you should. In today’s world cameras and recorders are much smarter than just a few years ago. Instead of just simply taking a forensic approach to recorded video, VCA provides a real time analysis of what’s going on in the video and can detect issues and provide alerts as they happen in real-time. Common Video Analytics (VCA) include people counting, crowd gathering, object left behind, object moved, line crossing, loitering, prohibited area, speed, facial recognition, and license plate recognition. When used properly in your business the system can provide incredible data not only for security for marketing and operations.



Managed Video Solutions

If you are not actively watching your cameras you might miss that one has failed. Additionally all IP cameras and most recorders require constant software updates - just like your computers on your network. We take all of these tasks off your plate.

Additionally we can provide enhanced video services like Remote Guard Tours where our team remotely checks in on your facility and reports any issues found just like if you had a security guard on premises making rounds. Other options are also available and can be customized to your organizational needs. Common applications include monitoring employees leaving the building at night, watching the perimeter during school and church functions, or special events.